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Object Objects

Object Objects, encompasses Shana Kaplow’s contemporary art practice from intimate sketches and notes printed on translucent, vellum pages to lush documentation of the artist’s monumental ink-on-paper installations. The proximity between intimate thoughts and public presentations mirrors the artist’s broader practice, in which Kaplow navigates the uncertain terrain between individual consumption and global systems of production. Images of precariously stacked plastic chairs, teetering work stools, and the spaces between their parts become fertile ground for the artist who urgently challenges concepts of comfort and home. Kaplow remarks, “I am interested in what is unseen, yet carried along with these objects. There is a contradiction between their solidity and the precarious and extractive conditions that created them.”

This beautifully printed volume features images of finished work, works-in-progress, source materials, notes, and sketches, offering the sensibility of a studio visit. Designed by the award-winning graphic designer Matthew Rezac, Object Objects also includes a creative non-fiction essay by New Orleans writer, Veronica Kavass, and a conversation between Kaplow and Minneapolis artist, Sarah Petersen. The texts reveal layered aspects of Kaplow’s work, illuminating its poetic, conceptual, and biographical underpinnings while allowing the reader plenty of space to ponder the work for themselves.

Publised by: Shana Kaplow